Back in the summer of 2018, Offset was arrested after a traffic stop led to the discovery of a firearm in his vehicle. He has now been formally charged with felony gun possession.

TMZ reports prosecutors in Georgia have failed the gun charge, along with misdemeanor marijuana possession and a traffic violation. The Clayton County District Attorney’s Office threw out an additional charge of felony possession of a firearm while committing a crime.

Attorneys for Offset believe the initial traffic stop was unlawful. Originally he was stated to be pulled over for improper tints on his vehicle, it has no been officially attributed to improper lane change.

“It’s a common theme. We’re talking about a young, African American man driving a shiny, beautiful luxury car and clad in designer clothes and watches and jewelry. Unfortunately, people in his genre become a target for law enforcement who think that lifestyle is connected to some illegal activity,” attorney Drew Findling said last year.

Offset has plead not guilty and will be back in court in May.