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The community is outraged as NYPD gets away with murder of Ramarley Graham

Yesterday, a Bronx judge granted the unforeseen, throwing out the manslaughter indictment for Officer Richard Haste for shooting and killing 19 year old Ramarley Graham in his Bronx home last year.


A minor technicality was enough for Judge Steven L. Barrett to toss the manslaughter charge brought against Haste, a 31 year old ex-Marine and 5 year veteran of the NYPD who shot and killed Ramarley Graham on Feb 2, 2012. Haste, who was originally held on a $50,000 bond for the shooting of Graham, walked out of the courtroom on Wednesday, however, is expected to have to return since prosecutors have vowed to aggressively present the case again to the grand jury.

According to court records, the defense argued that prosecutors had given misleading instructions to the grand jury and Judge Barrett agreed. The Bronx district attorney’s office said in a statement that prosecutors “forcefully disagree with the court” and are weighing whether to appeal the decision or present the case again. Graham’s family left the courtroom after the judge’s decision, cursing and calling the officer a “murderer.” In a statement, the teen’s father said “we are going to keep fighting no matter what.”

Undercover officers, including Haste, from the 42nd Precinct in the Bronx observed what appeared to be a drug deal and chased Graham into his home on 229th Street. Attempting to flush a bag of marijuana down the toilet, Ramarley ran into his bathroom where he was shot in his chest at almost point blank range by Haste in front of his grandmother and little brother. The police claimed that they saw Graham, with a weapon, but as usual, no weapon was found. 

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-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)