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Audio Push

Major Projects: Come As You Are; Inland Empire


Notable Songs: “Shine”; “Band Dat (Feat. N. No)”; “Salley Walker Pt. 1”; “Teach Me How To Jerk”; “Theme Song (Feat. T.I.)”; “Turn Down”; “I Like It (Feat. K. Roosevelt)”; “Smack (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & IAMSU!)”

Audio Push probably turned a lot of hip-hop purist off when they released their first single “Teach Me How To Jerk”—a light hearted dance track that was an ode to the California Jerk movement. However, since its heyday on the radio in 2009, Oktane and Price Tag have been hard at work, and their recent music sounds more mature. While they can still get you to want to dance, you will find that they have been tackling deeper issues, sharing their personal tales, and attempting to uplift their community. They are not the same two young men dancing in their high school hallway.

Come As You Are is quickly becoming one of my favorite projects of the year, and the lead single, “Shine”, has one of the best videos I’ve seen. Oktane and Price Tag both show that they are growing as lyricist, right from the beginning. The title track has some of the most memorable lines on the tape: “I hate when people bring up “Teach Me How To Jerk”/Cause now my lyrics murk, and they just salty I’m amazing at it.” They cover such a wide array of topics on this tape, from partying, “Club 380,” to dealing with the hangovers that follow, “Turn Down.”

Audio Push are not done growing and getting better. They are a great example of not trusting too much in first impressions. I can’t wait to see where they go in the future.