© Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporationIn honor of Women’s History Month, each day in the month of March we will post a fun fact in relation to women.

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March 2nd



Two-thirds of girl’s ages 8 to 17 identify themselves as being normal weight or overweight, one-third have a confused idea about their weight. Identifying themselves as too heavy when they are, in fact, of normal weight, or feeling their weight is “about right” when they actually are too heavy. Specifically, 45% of girls that are overweight and 61% of girls at risk of being overweight see themselves as normal weight, while 14% of normal weight girls believe they are overweight. 


The fact listed above is a little discomforting. Women do believe they have to maintain a certain body image and they do go out of their way to reach it. In example, plastic surgery, eating disorders and exercising way too much. Women should to be happy with their body appearance no matter what it is. The important thing is to stay healthy.


-Asada Nicome ( @SadaBlu )