3/14/14 WHM Fun Fact

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March 14, Visit for more information Anything boys can do… Advertisement Women were not officially permitted to play soccer in the USA, is not a known fact. Only in the late seventies the first teams were established on a college level, the first national college tournament was held in 1981 at the Colorado College. […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/13/14

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Women are bosses too… 41.6% percent of employed females 16 and over in 2012 that worked in management, professional and related occupations, compared with 34.7 percent of employed males in the same year.           Visit for more information Don’t let these numbers discourage you; the fact stated above is from a […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/12/14

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Real definition of girl power… Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the mother of seven children. Susan B. Anthony would baby-sit Stanton’s children while Stanton wrote suffrage speeches and petitions that Anthony would deliver.   Visit for more information     Advertisement   Susan B Anthony showed a great deal  of support to her  colleagues during […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/11/14

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Yay Elizabeth… Visit for more information     Advertisement Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman in the U.S. to receive a medical degree.She received her MD from the Medical Institution of Geneva, New York, in 1849.       In the 1800s women couldn’t do barely anything and for Elizebeth Blackwell to receive a […]

Her Source | 5 Ways To Style Your Natural Hair


Ladies, it’s understood among each other that we all may have those days when we’re just not sure what to do with our hair. To help assist you on those frustrating days, here’s a list of five different hairstyles that take little to no time or equipment and would have your natural hair looking wonderful […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/10/14

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Say NO to drugs and yes to babies… Visit for more information The smell of newborn babies excites women in the same way an addict craving for drugs enjoy his fixes.   Advertisement The smell of babies is a connection between the mother and child, which is described as chemical communication. It’s a state […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/9/14

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Single women unite… Visit for more information    Many early suffrage supporters, including Susan B. Anthony, remained single because, in the early 1800s, married women could not own property in their own right and could not make legal contracts on their own behalf.   Advertisement What a special thanks to all the women suffrage […]

Her Source | Ten Foods To Burn Stomach Fat

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Ladies, want to get rid of stomach fat?  Without the tiring exercise or expensive plastic surgery or the unreasonable dieting? We totally understand! If you weren’t aware your liver is the most important organ for regulating and burning fat. The liver is also responsible for pushing the excessive fat through the body. With that information […]

10 Spring Must Haves for Men

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Goodbye winter, Hello spring! We are approaching the great season of spring. All sunshine and rain!  Take this time to ask yourself am I prepared? If not, heres a list of ten must haves guys should have during the spring. The list includes the latest trends and fashion, and it provides you with the direct […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/8/14

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Domestic Violence came a long way.. 1871 Alabama becomes the first state to repeal the legal right of a husband to beat his wife               Visit for more information Can you believe that before 1871 it was legal to beat your wife? Please women if you are a […]

Speaker Knockerz Dead At Age 19


Sad to state another Rapper gone way too soon.. Visit for more information Rapper, Speaker Knockerz, also known as producer was pronounced dead on March 6,2014 at the young age of 19. Someone identified as the mother (Mesha Wilson) of the rapper did post a status on her Facebook account regarding her son and his location. […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/7/14

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March 7 Visit for more information Political women take a stance: Advertisement Women currently hold 17% of Congressional and Senate seats and 18% of gubernatorial positions in the U.S.     Even though women hold a small percentage in the political world today, we have to keep in mind that over 80 years ago […]

Future’s Reveals Artwork To Sophomore Album Honest

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Visit for more information Upon his release of his new single tonight, Future has renamed his sophomore album from Future Hendrix to Honest. Rapper Future releases his sophomore album artwork today.What’s more, Honest has more to offer this summer.   Advertisement If your wondering as to why the picture is gridded, Future uploaded one picture […]

Her Source | 10 Spring Must Haves


Spring is near! Be prepared of what to wear for the he wonderful season of spring coming up in the next two weeks! Visit for more information     Advertisement -Asada Nicome ( @Sadablu ) Here’s a list of 10 must haves for the Spring that all women should have! 1. Block Heels These […]

Radio Shack Annouced Closure On Low-Performing Stores


Mournful annocunment on the upcoming lack of shacks. Visit for more information Radio Shack has reported the closure of up to 1,100 poorly performing store locations. Of course the company has to seek confirmation and negotiation from landlords in order to take action, but so far that is the companies proposal. The stores that […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/6/14

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March 6, Guess girls do run the world… Visit for more information While the population of males is slightly greater than females worldwide   (98.6 women for every 100 men), there are roughly four million more women  than men in the U.S. There are more than  twice as many women as men currently living in […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/5/14

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March 5,    The word woman is believe to come from the Middle English term wyfman, broken down simply as the wife (wyf) of the man.In old english women were described as wyf,while the term man was used to describe a human regardless, of their gender.   Visit for more information its strange how things […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/4/14

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March 4, Visit for more information    The majority of persons smuggled illegally across country boarders are women.Many of them are sold into the sex industry by their own families.   Advertisement   Despite where you are from and whether you are in the any country illegally or not, it’s not the best idea […]

WHM Fun Fact 3/3/14


March 3   Men were the first to wear high heels around the 1600s. Women began wearing them to look more masculine. Visit for more information Quote stated above is a bit questioning. It’s odd to picture men in heels now, because it would be the reverse. Men often wear heels to look more feminine […]