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The “Biebz” got a new tattoo!

Justin Bieber recently got tatted by Canadian tattoo artist Glen Hartless. Bieber got Banksy‘s famous “Balloon Girl” tattoo on his arm…sort of. The tattoo is supposedly “customed”, the girl’s face looks more shaded in then the popular Banksy stencil. Justin has recently been practicing his own interesting graffiti art (such as a colorful penguin, a gangster frog, and other animals). Banksy’s “Facebook” page commented on the tat saying “controversial”, which leaves us to think that they aren’t really excited about it. Obviously, people aren’t phased and could care less about Justin’s new tattoo. Fans of Banksy are appalled because the tattoo doesn’t look like the original stencil, and it seems like it is an insult to the legendary graffiti artist’s artwork. We guess that this is tattoo is Bieber’s ode to street art, as it is a million dollar artwork permanently inked on his arm. One fan commented on the tattoo, saying “The balloon is floating away just like his music career…”(via dailymail.co.uk)



Pia Fergus(@createdbypia)


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