After putting his foot in his mouth, it seems the comedian is expressing his regrets

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As many of you know, former Howard Stern sidekick and comedian Artie Lange tweeted out some vile words targeting “First Take” host Cari Champion and lets just say it didn’t really strike ESPN’s “funny bone.”

 According to ESPN:


“His comments were reprehensible and no one should be subjected to such hateful language. They objectify and demean one of our valued employees under the thin guise of ‘comedy’ and are offensive to all of us. We will not dignify them with any other comment”.

Since catching the networks attention, ESPN has placed a  ban on the comedian from future appearances while Comedy Central has also axed him from an appearance on the network after the sexist rant. Just days after the comments made its rounds in the media, the comedian came out and expressed his apologies for aiming the distasteful remarks at the co-host stating:

“I would rather load trucks for a living then ever apologize to one of these awful PC groups ruining the country. So that’s a NO. But if it upset the lady in question that’s another story. Let me say to Cari Champion if this hurt u in any way I’m sorry. I’m a comedian. Sometimes I’m funny! For the record my moms disgusted w the tweets. But if I based my humor on my mom I’d be broke.”

What do you think of the apology? Do you think it’s acceptable?

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