Converse presented their spring/summer 2015 collection at their showroom in New York City. 

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The showroom was decorated like an art gallery. All of the walls were white for the purpose of drawing attraction to the products on display which were mostly vibrant and loud. The creativity for the collection seemed to take a slightly different approach it as features new silhouettes for every type of shoe. The details on each shoe were awesome.

The Spring 2015 Converse Andy Warhol Collection, which is a collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation, is one of the highlights of Converse’s spring/summer project. This particular collection consists of flamboyant images by Warhol on shirts and shoes with inspiration from everything he has been involved in from movies to music. With this collection, its main purpose is to honor Warhol and art as a whole. Some of the earnings from the collection will go to the artist’s foundation, which benefits the modern visual art.


The Spring 2015 Converse Chuck Taylor Andy Sneaker and Apparel collection will be available for purchase beginning on Sunday, February 7 at select retail stores, Converse stores and for $30-$90.

The Americano themes were very obvious as some of the shoes were designed with studs in shapes of stars. Floral and beach babe prints are also a dominant factor in the collection as they were hand drawn and digitally printed on to the sneakers to look like pressed flowers. The beach babe prints, were actually pulled from an archive photo, and was re-interpreted for the season. The premium products include materials like premium suede and leather, which is really neat.

The Warhol Collaboration will be available to purchase on January 29th, 2015 and what is so great about these Warhol collaborations is that they are really fun. The prints used on some of the shoes like the Campbell soup and the newspaper prints are iconic as they are such statement pieces.

Some of the other converses featured basket weaves. Lots of summer and spring vibes going on and the great part is that there is something for everyone. For kids, adult styles and themes are being carried over. We also spotted monochromatic looks, street wear and more. For women and men, shoes range from boots to high tops and more. On top of all the unique styles, Converse has made sure the shoes are comfortable enough to run around in, as comfort is their top priority.

-Igee Okafor