There are some ways to get your music heard on Twitter, but there are other ways to definitely not make it happen.

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In this installment of “How to Be a Rapper 101,” I’m going to tell you about the things you need to stop doing if you want people to care about your music and actually listen to it.

1.  STOP SPAMMING. First and foremost, seriously.  If you really think that by copying and pasting the same message with a link to your YouTube video, to every Twitter account ever, will help you to get discovered and become famous, then you are delusional. The only thing you’re actually accomplishing is giving people a gut reaction of hatred towards you, and your music. And I promise you do not want that.  I also promise that they are most likely not going to click your link.  It could be a be a virus.  Or struggle rap.  Same thing.  


2.  If you read step one, and you still plan to tweet people your links, then at least acknowledge them beforehand. Take the time to ask them if they would be kind enough to listen to your music. Then thank them for taking the time to consider it, whether or not they end up listening. You would be surprised at how far manners can take you in this world, because sadly, no one has them.

3.  Never, ever set your Twitter up to send automatic DMs to people who follow you. That may truly be the absolute laziest thing you can do.  It’s also annoying, spammy, insincere, and a whole host of other less than flattering adjectives.  Anytime I see someone do something like that, I automatically unfollow them.

These are just my personal opinions, but, if you practice any of the above, more than likely, you’re beyond lazy, and don’t deserve the fame you’re daydreaming about.  And guess what, writers like me are the people deciding if your music is going to catch some limelight, so the least you can do is learn some proper etiquette.

I hope this didn’t cause too much pain for the people out there reading it who realized that this is exactly what they do.  Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever.  It just means that you need to change some of your ways, and that’s okay!  Until next time, take care and make sure to tell me what other things artists do on Twitter that bother you beyond belief in the comments below.

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Azeem is a 26-year-old Pakistani-American Muslim living in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Boston University in 2010 with a, B.A in Biology, and from Boston University in 2012 with an M.A in Medical Sciences. He is a currently a freelance business development consultant for startups.

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