Kobe Bryant doesn’t think there’s anything worth celebrating this year if you’re a Laker

Last night, Kobe Bryant hung out with Jimmy Kimmel for a little while–it’s not like he doesn’t have the time these days–and he saw something that didn’t make him smile. That in itself may be an understatement.

The Lakers beat the Celtics on Sunday night, and considering the fact that the Celtics are scrambling for the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, it was no small feat to come away with the victory, in overtime nonetheless. Still, the Lakers themselves are so far out of the playoff picture, it isn’t a stretch to think they’ll be in line for the #1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft. Obviously, judging by his reaction to his teammates Nick Young, Jordan Hill and Jeremy Lin celebrating the victory, Kobe realizes that disappointing statistic as well.

And he doesn’t think that anyone on the Lakers should be celebrating anything these days.