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Just moments ago, the NBA announced it’s first end of year award. Lou Williams has been named the 2014-2015 NBA 6th Man of the Year. He averaged 15.5 points per game, and shot 36% from three-point land.

Williams has been a promising player with tons of upside since he entered the league in 2005. A career bench star, Lou enjoyed success with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Hawks before landing in Toronto, including an impressive 2011-2012 campaign, during which he averaged 15 points per game and shot 36% from behind the arc.


This season, his first with the Toronto Raptors–who currently trail the Washington Wizards 0-1 in their opening round playoff series–he’s become not only an extremely serviceable back-up to All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry, he’s become a bit of a pop culture fascination. A story about his love life, detailing the fact that he was in a relationship with two different women who both knew each other and hung out together, quickly went viral. Shortly after, Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album dropped, and it included a song called “6 Man,” a clever interpolation of Drake‘s nickname for Toronto (“the 6”), and a foreshadowing of the award Williams just won.