Kicking off the new year, Source Sports decided to give our take on some of the most decorated athletes to ever grace the NBA hardwood. Today, we take a look at the Point Guard position, one of the most integral roles that makes an offense click on all cylinders.

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Steve Nash
Years: 1996-2014
Team(s): Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers
PPG: 14.3
APG: 8.5
SPG: 3.0
League MVP (2005, 2006)
8x All-Star


Words cannot do justice in describing the genius that is Steve Nash. At his peak, the 6 ft 3 point guard engineered some of the most spectacular offensive showings in all of basketball. From scoring, passing, ball handling and basketball I.Q., Steve Nash was well-rounded when it came to getting the ball in the hoop, be through him or dishing off an amazing assist to teammates. Though he began to break down due to injury at the tail end of his career, in his prime years, Nash was one of the most feared competitors for opposing teams, this evidenced by his back to back league MVP awards. A quick YouTube search of his highlights will put things in much better perspective.