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A woman named Jamila Majesty filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles, alleging that troubled comedian Katt Williams imprisoned her in his bathroom, and tortured her in a beating that lasted three hours. The suit also claims Williams was joined by several other “female companions/housemates” that punched and beat her; Williams was apparently upset that Majesty had used his bathroom, according to a report from The Wrap.

It gets weirder. In Majesty’s description of the incident, she remembers perusing a “wiccan book,” which she describes as “something evil, with teachings on sorcery and spells,” and it was on a bed in Williams’ house.



The lawsuit gets specific about Majesty’s injury, alleging that she suffered “broken ribs, split tendons, scarring to her face and other extreme and emotional damage.” Williams also allegedly burned her in the face with a lit cigarette during his attack. The damages the lawsuit is seeking are still unspecified, and no one from Williams’ camp has responded to these claims as of the time of this writing.

As you likely already know, this is just another incident in a string of arrests and accusations concerning Katt Williams in recent weeks. Earlier this month, he was accused of holding five women at gunpoint and stealing their phones, arrested for allegedly attacking his own bodyguard, and back in February he was arrested for punching a store clerk in Gainseville, Georgia. Not to mention, he was jumped on stage following a bizarre sequence of events during a Beanie Sigel show in Philadelphia.