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Strange Famous Records founder and brilliant wordsmith Sage Francis had a little something to say to Spotify today [Thursday, March 31]. In “celebration” of Spotify’s 10th anniversary, Uncle Sage made a video to thank them for their “generous” support of his music.

In the video, which he posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, his 2014 song “Vonnegut Busy” can be heard playing in the background while he sarcastically expresses his gratitude for the streaming service. With a jar full of change in a prominent spot on the table, he offers to give back some of the pennies he’s earned from being featured on the site.

Over the past few years, Spotify has garnered lots of negative attention, especially after pop star Taylor Swift famously pulled her entire catalog from the music platform, which has been routinely accused of short-changing artists.


While at face value, the Rhode Island-based emcee appears to be indeed thanking them, anyone who has ever listened to his albums, or had the pleasure of meeting or interviewing him, knows to take it with a grain of salt—a large grain of salt. There’s absolutely nothing genuine about his apparent appreciation. That’s the genius of Sage Francis.

Sage has released six studio albums, including 2002’s critically-acclaimed Personal Journals and his latest, 2014’s Copper Gone. Chuck D of Public Enemy, one of his musical heroes, is a vocal advocate of his work, as well as countless fans and fellow artists.

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