To be honest, Bleacher Report said it best. The end of this game was one of the wildest finishes in NBA playoff history. See for yourself. With a 2-0 Spurs lead or a 1-1 split on the line and all the talent on the two teams considered, this thing came down to whichever player could get own on the ground faster and secure the ball. It looked more like a fumble pile-up in the NFL than an NBA finish.

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Eventually, no foul was called on Dion Waiters for elbowing Manu Ginobli out out of the way on the inbounds pass, or on any of the Thunder and Spurs players involved in the mad scramble for the ball under the hoop as the clock spiraled towards 0:00. However, the most interesting play of those final seconds didn’t even happen on the court.

Thunder center Steven Adams, who made a potentially game-saving block on Patty Mills‘ three-point attempt just before the scramble, ended up in the first couple rows of the crowd due to his momentum, and he didn’t make it back onto the court. Why? a Spurs fan grabbed his arm, and wasn’t really trying to let Adams join the scramble effort. He was furious once he realized what was happening, and snatched his arm as hard as he could from the fan’s grasp. Luckily, the clock ran out and his absence didn’t have an effect on the end of the game.


What a finish.

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