The Rio Summer Games haven’t started yet, but eyes are already on the Opening Ceremony—not the moment when athletes from around the world step into the arena, but the famous fashion brand with an Olympics-styled collection.

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A boxing ring welcomes Brooklyn Museum patrons into Opening Ceremony’s pop-up shop. In creating the brand, inspiration from the Olympics came into the picture. And now, designers pay homage to that same athletic world.

“Opening Ceremony was founded on doing for fashion what the Olympics does for sports: bringing talented designers from all different countries and presenting them to the world,” a representative of Opening Ceremony said. “Whether you’re a sports fanatic or not, there’s something incredibly powerful about the world of athletics and it’s ability to transcend social and political issues to bring people together.”


Tanks, tee-shirts, hats, and pins with a throwback feel comprise the brand’s Club USA capsule collection and fill the space.

Over 200 pieces surround the pop-up shop to form the “Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present” exhibit, which features iconic images of athletes like Muhammad Ali, Tommie SmithJohn Carlos, and Matthew Dunn. Works by Andy Warhol, Charles “Teenie” Harris, George Demeny are also on display. Like the Opening Ceremony pop-up shop, the exhibition captures sports’ finest moments and is open until January 2017.