An NBA referee ejected Carmelo Anthony from a game last night [Friday, November 11]. As the New York Knicks player left the home court of Boston Celtics, fans wondered whether the call was justified by Melo’s actions in the game or if the official had it in for him.

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The loose ball foul happened during the first half of the second quarter. Anthony picked up a technical foul diving on Celtics forward Amir Johnson. Afterwards, the Knick made remarks at referee Tony Brothers, who struck him with another call. With two technical fouls, Anthony was ousted from the game that eventually New York lost by almost 30 points.


It is not atypical for players to get calls for talking back to referees. But it is an alleged history between this one referee and this one playerthat has fans riled up—plus a history of Anthony supposedly getting snubbed at critical moments in games. They don’t think the foul was called for. And neither does Melo’s wife, La La Anthony.



There is even a petition directed towards the league. Started by a Brooklynite, it demands, “Get the NBA to fire Tony Brothers or ban him from officiating games in which Melo plays.” Hundreds have already signed it.