“Here we go / Once upon a time not long ago…”

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Every week, BET transforms classic hip hop hits and morphs them into visual narratives. Helmed by Murder Inc. founder Irv “Lorenzo” Gotti, the second season of “TALES,” premiered it’s second installation on Tuesday, October 17, as Slick Rick‘s 1988 banger “Children’s Story” acts as this week’s muse.


BET describes as the episode:

“Ty, a young woman in the ‘hood desperate for money (Bre-Z, “Empire,” “The New Edition Story”) joins forces with her cousin Deacon (Jharrel Jerome, Moonlight) for a series of simple robberies. But when she gets a taste for the danger and the money, she ups their game to bank robbery, with tragic results.”

Bre-Z played Ty in the 39 minute story. She’s on a quest for quick cash alongside her friend Deacon, a sure play on words as the pair’s behavior was anything but “deacon-like;” from practicing his robbing approach in the mirror, gun wailing and blazing threats next to a once apprehensive Ty, who suddenly falls in love with the adrenaline rush and cash.

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Dealing with an ailing grandmother, overwhelming disconnection notices and pending foreclosure, Ty wants more and more, upping the ante.

With the help of the bank teller and a neighborhood old G, Ty and Deacon upgrade from ATM night robberies to a bank, with plans to grab the bank’s deposit bag in broad daylight with little to no push back.

The ending was the show’s highlight; how the conclusion perfectly looped back to the beginning, allowing Ty and Deacon to witness an expected end played out to be them on a stretcher, like an omen. This episode showcased how our decisions can have fatal consequences and how one could never be past the “point of no return-” a quote from the drug junkie who sold the scheming pair guns for their crimes. ‘TALES’ was entertaining and eye opening and a true example that karma always come full circle- but only based on your decisions.

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