Not long after retail fashion powerhouse H&M came under fire for it’s controversial “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie and Dove‘s ad promising visibly lighter skin, Italian beauty brand Wycon Cosmetics has joined the cancelled list. The brand, which launched a new line of nail polishes, named it’s black polish: “Thick As A N*gga.”

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After being blasted by vlogger Loretta Grace, leading to a backlash firestorm, Wycon defended their choice of names, calling their choices of shade names ‘a bit crazy,’ explaining that their polish names are inspired by hip hop singles, such as Drop it Like it’s Hot, Bootylicious and Candy Shop. According to the brand, the controversial polish name was inspired by a DBangz song called ‘Thick N****s and Anime Tiddies.” The cosmetic firm has also used controversial names for polish names in the past – including Dirty Talk and Lap Girl.

Initially, the company had not issued an apology, but did post in their heated Instagram comments:


“We’re sorry that this post has triggered these types of reactions: every colour from our Gel On collection is inspired, with a cheerful attitude and a pinch of naivety, by famous song titles, many of which derive from the landscape of hip hop.”

The nail polishes are still available for purchase on their website, with numbers listed instead of polish names.

On Monday, January 22 the brand did issue a formal apology on their Instagram, with the hashtag #NoOneExcluded.

What do you think? Do you accept their apology?