Prince George’s County School Board has voted to pass a resolution called “The Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools.” Beginning on Monday, students will begin to learn and discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. School board official members felt that it was important to encourage and reflect in conversations about social justice into the classrooms.

“We start this conversation in schools because for many people and for many students, this is community. This is where you learn and where you talk to your peers. Maybe your professors and advisor that are going to advise you later on in life. So school is the most appropriate place to have these conversations,” said Joshua Omolola, a Parkdale High School student.

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Being that majority of the students that attend Prince George’s County Schools are of a minority background, the school board felt that it would be even more valuable to them. As for what the students will actually learn will be up to the individual schools and teachers. The Black Lives Matter Week will go into Black History Month and will continue through the end of the week.

“Racial bias and discrimination hold us all back. It’s high time we embrace this reality and encourage education about social justice in our school communities,” stated Raaheela Ahmed, a school board member who represents District 5.

When asked if they would allow other activist groups to have a “Week of Action” in their schools, the board said that they would consider other ideas as long as it encourages tolerance, equality and social justice.


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