Back in 2007, Norwegian black metal band, Taake went under attack for being a political Neo-Nazi band when a photo of the band’s front man, Hoset from a 2003 concert surfaced where he is pictured with a swastika symbol painted on his chest.

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Riding the road of the tour for his latest LP Radio Silence, Talib Kweli, who is not only a notable emcee but a devoted social activist, made the decision to opt out of his Kansas City stop at Riot Room after learning the venue booked Taake to perform there later in the month. Thank to his grand and diverse fan base, the Black Star rapper followed suit with his stance. A Twitter user made an attempt to call out Kweli on the show cancellation, but he notified the user that he will not support Neo-Nazism in any way, shape, or form. “If you allow a nazi band to grace your stage you support Nazis. You must work for the Riot Room,” Kweli replied. Unfortunately, Riot Room refused to apologize for the controversial booking.


Kweli released an official statement in regards to the Riot Room show cancellation and broke down exactly why it was necessary.

“My position is that the venue should not want to host that band whether the band canceled or not, and should issue an apology for even booking the band. The response I received was that the venue did not want to choose sides between a band that sympathizes with racism and bigotry and me. I think it’s time to choose a side. I find it appalling that the Riot Room refuses to apologize for booking this band. I wouldn’t feel safe bringing my team, family, and fans into a venue that is sympathetic to white nationalism, so I’ve canceled the show. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to performing in Kansas City.”

Due to Taake’s questionable stance on Neo-Nazism, their two upcoming shows in New York and Chicago have been canceled by the respective venues and Kid Dude, their opening act has made the decision to drop out of the tour.

In other Talib news, the class-act rapper will do two hometown shows for Brooklyn Bowl on April 3 and 4. Tickets can be purchased here. Wu-Tang Clan‘s GZA and his band The Soul Rebels are joining Talib’s worldwide tour on next month, March. Recently in Denver, he joined forces with his brother in rhyme Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) for a Black Star show which also exposed the reality of a new Black Star album this year with possible production by Kanye West.