Over the last few years, Quality Control has become one of the premier labels in Hip Hop. With a roster that includes the likes of Migos, Lil Yachty, and the emergence of Lil Baby, QC and Coach K have a lot to be proud of.

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However, OG Maco wonders why he is still on the team. In fact, he took to Twitter to voice his frustration.  He even accuses the label of “sabotaging careers.”

It all started when a curious fan asked if he was still signed to the label. Unbeknownst to the fan, the simple question ignited a firestorm of emotion from the Atlanta rapper.


At first, he responds with a simple “yes.” Then he asks “why?” before seeming to turn the question inward as he speculates “who knows.”

The “U Guessed It” rapper didn’t stop there. He would need a few more tweets to get everything off his chest. Maco reposts the tweets of several fans who believe his grievances are justified. One fan credits him with bringing Soundcloud rap to the mainstream, while also comparing his musical influence to that of Chicago’s Kid Cudi.

Maco seems more than willing to air out whatever grievances in the public domain as he boldly encourages “any blog/mag” to invite him for an interview.

While it has been a relatively quiet year from OG Maco, he is not the first artist to condemn the label. Skippa Da Flippa also spoke out against QC in 2017.

Let’s see if this Twitter tirade warrants a response from the label. What do you think about this?