Caribbean culture goes hand-in-hand with the overall vibe of summer. Reggae tunes and West Indian block parties are a fixture in urban communities during the hot season, and it looks like G-SHOCK is picking up on the irie vibes with a new “Breezy Rasta Color” watch collection.

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Featuring a red, yellow and green color palette synonymous with the Jamaican flag and African culture as a whole, all four timepieces seen here are standouts in their own right. With the analog-digital GA-400CM-1AJF, a black bezel and dual-layer black band are paired together and further complimented by a contrasting red on the flip side. The GA-400CM-4AJF showcases a more colorful hue with a red bezel, yellow lettering and an inner layer strap in seafoam green. The DW-5600CMB-1JF comes in either black with red detailing or a more vibrant yellow base with red and green strip detailing.

The full G-SHOCK Summer 2018 “Breezy Rasta” Collection is available right now at select G-SHOCK retailers in Japan.