Nicki Minaj has seemingly been on a rampage lately, lashing out at everyone including her ex, Safaree, Lady Gaga, the media and now Travis Scott, Drake, and Spotify.

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After the weekly numbers were released on Sunday (Aug 19) showing that Astroworld artist Travis Scott nabbed the number one spot, Nicki Minaj has been seemingly tweeting erratically blaming her number two spot on almost everyone but herself.

As previously reported, The “Barbie Dreams” rapper took to Twitter on Sunday and explained in a series of tweets how she believes the only reason why Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD earned the No. 1 spot on Billboard‘s 200 for the week was due to being featured as an amenity for his ASTROWORLD: Wish You Were Here tour merchandise bundles. She also alleges she spoke with Scott, and he apparently agrees. “I spoke to him,” Minaj tweeted. “He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week.” Minaj is taking to her radio show on Tuesday to spill more details about the controversial stats.


Although sales were the latest reason for her rant, it wasn’t the only shade thrown over the course of the weekend. After a scathing article was published in Pitchfork criticizing Minaj for working with convicted child sex offender Tekashi69, Minaj lashed out at media claiming that she received “information” that media outlets were being “paid” to slander her.

“When I was told they were being paid to write these things I didn’t believe it, now I know it’s true ?? #Queen bitch!!!! ???♥️‼️ I got the proof on that too. Loving my life. They so bothered by this lil south side Jamaica QUEEN.  I’m supposed to keep letting these ppl get money to bully me behind the scenes & not say anything. Yikes. This is what happens when you release a great body of work after they spent millions to ruin you. Lol. 4 albums later still breaking records. #1 in 86 countries after they said it was a wrap. Praise God. He’s about to expose them. They writing about 69 cuz #Queen is flawless.”

All of these antics not only left fans scratching their heads but according to Charlamagne Tha God proved that Nicki’s antics earned her the hilarious spot of “Donkey of the day.”

During the hilarious eight-minute segment, Charlamagne drops some jewels for Minaj letting her know that the number two spot isn’t the worst position to be in and even complimented her new album as being the best from the Young Money Queen yet.

“Nicki you must have been watching too much Talladega Nights because the ‘if you’re not first you’re last’ mentality is not true. You put out a good body of work and sold 185,000 units, you right now are being a sore winner. Nothing you’re doing is queen-like and let’s say that all of the people are to blame for you having the number two album in the country, who was to blame for you having the number two album in 2015 because Pink Print did the same.”

Charlamagne then went on to warn Nicki to cherish her success at where she is, before playing her 2014 hit “Did It On ‘Em”, before adding the shadiest moment of all by allowing Nicki’s nemesis to give her “Donkey of the Day.”

“Put your number twos in the air Nicki and celebrate that win. What you don’t cherish Nicki, you will lose. Somebody get Remy Ma to giver her Donkey of the Day.”

Check out the video below.