Lil Jon opened a second elementary school in the West African country of Ghana.

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AOL reports the multi-hyphenate opened his second school in the town of Mafi Atitekpo. The new school, named Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, got things started in December 2017 and was formally introduced in July 2018, as indicated by Pencils of Promise (PoP), the non-profit association working with the “Snap Yo Fingers” rapper. PoP helps assemble schools and increment instructive open doors in creating countries. The school presently has 313 kids enlisted.

The main school the “Get Low” rapper created, Abomayaw D.A. Kindergarten, was built in honor of his late mother, Carrie M. Smith.


“Last year [October of 2017], I went with my family to open up my first Pencils of Promise school in Ghana, and now to have over 300 kids already enrolled in my second school there is incredible! It’s been really fulfilling to see the impact these schools have made on so many of these children’s and families’ futures,” said the rapper.

Lil Jon addressed CNN in January about his underlying excursion to Ghana and why he felt compelled to assist PoP with his $70,000 commitment.

“When I saw the conditions where these children were trying to learn, one community they had a big mango tree and two classes were sitting under the mango tree and that’s not a condition conducive with learning,” he told the news network. “Kids are going to get distracted, plus, it’s extremely hot. It compelled me to want to do more.”

He added, “Children shouldn’t have to suffer for any reason.One of these kids could grow up to be a scientist, a lawyer, an astronaut, the president of their country. I could create an environment where all these things could happen.”