Cardi B is involved in a string of legal issues. One of the battles is with her former manager, Shaft, who argues that he jumpstarted the former reality star’s career before she financially cut him off. Bardi clapped back with a lawsuit of her own.

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The “Money” rapper sued Shaft for $15 million and claimed that he was way too controlling over her career and personal life. However, she’s scheduled to meet with his attorney in March 2019. She’ll be testifying against Shaft about her legal battle with him.

The court allowed Cardi to push the date back due to her pregnancy, but now that she has given birth to baby Kulture, she’s ready to put the legal gloves on.


Offset might also get a deposition date because Cardi B previously alleged that Shaft tried to intervene in her relationship with the Migos rapper because he charged the Bronx rapper $50K for his “Lick” verse after saying it cost $25K. He hasn’t received a deposition date.