Virgil Abloh has been a busy man lately. On top of spearheading operations over at OFF-WHITE™ — nice boots, by the way! — he’s also crafting up some seriously fly swag over at the Louis Vuitton gig, too. The latest is a new Staples Edition collection, giving us a series of high-end menswear essentials that you can rock all year long.

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While a few pieces are in fact tailored for specific seasons — puffer jackets (seen above) for the colder months, white tees to stunt in for the summer — the set as a whole is mainly comprised of gear you can pull out at pretty much any time during the 365 days it takes us to go around the sun. Such options include denim sets, hoodies, two-piece suits, headwear and lightweight leather goods as well. Abloh also brings us carryalls and footwear — high-top and low-top silhouettes included — to create one of the most well-rounded offerings of this season and those to come apparently.

The Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Collection by Virgil Abloh is available now over in the LV web store and its various locations across the globe. See the full lookbook below:

Images: Louis Vuitton