What’s the solution to stop Drake’s courtside trolling? According to Charles Barkley “knock the hell” out of him.

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Before you think Chuck is wanting to put hands on Drizzy, he provided some details. When asked by Ernie Johnson how did he handle a fan who would bother the players during his time on the court, Barkley detailed he would ask for the ball to be thrown in the direction of that fan.

“What I would do. I would say, ‘Kenny throw the ball out of bounds one time.’ Then I would knock the hell out of Drake.”


Later in the conversation, Barkley would go on to detail that the players or coaches of the Bucks shouldn’t really be worried about Drake and he wasn’t the reason they lost. Their problem is on the basketball court, specifically with Kawhi Leonard who handed them their third straight loss and has them facing elimination.

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