BAPE has always found a way to put its signature spin on some of our favorite urban fashion staples. Now, the latest accessories to arrive for Ape Heads come in the form of durags that are sure to put a new camo-style spin on the art of wave preservation.

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Goods available 7.6. #bape

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Spearheading the brand’s AW19 rollout of accessories, this set of ABC CAMO durags is also accompanied by a matching range of shooting sleeves. Four color options are available, including pink, blue. black and a classic green. For 1ST CAMO collectors and those that are just trying to stay wavy out here this summer, dropping close to a c-note on a head wrap might just be worth the flex points. As for the hoop stars out there, a little camo steez will only make your layup and three-pointers look extra fly. In other words, balling!

A Bathing Ape’s new ABC CAMO durags and shooting sleeves are available now at select BAPE retailers and online. See the color options below:


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