This Friday will mark 50 years since humans first landed on the Moon in a spacecraft known as Apollo 11. To celebrate this monumental moment for mankind, PINTRILL and Alpha Industries have collaborated on a “space race”-themed jacket that’s, for lack of better words, out of this world.

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The 1969 space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was carried out successfully by American aeronautical heroes Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, making the idea of spaceflight capability a tangible reality. The collaborative flight jacket featured here highlights the expedition with tons of cool patches, each inspired by space memorabilia from that historic era. There’s also nods to the current race to Mars included in the design, and the black exterior makes for the perfect color to make all these different elements really pop out. With the add-on of tags that read “WE COME IN PEACE” and “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT,” plus the celestial-themed graphic on the back, this is one collab that’s sure to keep you fly even if you never step foot on a spacecraft in life.

Cop the PINTRILL x Alpha Industries CWU 45/P Space Race Flight Jacket right now for $300 USD, available in both web stores for Alpha Industries and PINTRILL in addition to Billionaire Boys Club stores across the globe. Take a closer look below:

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