Blueface will face a jury trial in August in connection to his charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

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Back in November of 2018, Blueface was detained after an incident in California with gunfire exchanged between two vehicles resulted in the car carrying the rapper hitting a divider. Blueface, born Jonathan Porter, was stated to have been robbed at a gas station before the shootout.

The trouble followed Blueface in 2019 as he was arrested in downtown L.A. as the rapper’s entourage attempted to ditch weapons when police arrived at the scene. Complex details Blueface was sitting in his car alone when police arrived and he was arrested with two additional men. He was eventually charged with felony possession of carrying a loaded firearm after the guns that were ditched here found. That charge carries a possibility of three years in prison.


The trial is set to begin on August 16.