The trial for A$AP Rocky’s assault case in Sweden has officially began, with the rapper already entering a not guilty plea stating self-defense as his rebuttal. Now, President Donald Trump has doubled down on his #FreeRocky stance by sending a presidential envoy for hostage affairs to his hearing.

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A special envoy usually coordinates diplomatic engagements on overseas hostage-related matters for the American government, in this case the appointed official being Robert O’Brien and the American “hostage” being Rocky. O’Brien arrived at Stockholm’s district court yesterday to monitor the trial in order to “look after the well-being of American citizens” according to US embassy spokeswoman Ruth Newman.

According to The Guardian, the hearing was also attended by Rocky’s mom, Renee Black, as he sat in a prison-assigned green T-shirt and pants throughout the court proceedings. The trial is being held in a secured courtroom where photos and video have been prohibited.


The court has set aside two more days for A$AP Rocky’s Sweden trial, with witnesses scheduled to testify tomorrow (August 1). We’ll keep you all updated on any major developments.