Many of the world’s biggest industry leaders came together on Wednesday night for Wall Street Journal’s 2019 Innovator Awards. Kanye West, along with wife, Kim Kardashian West, Kris Jenner, Cory Gamble all attended the award show. Other attendees included A$AP Rocky, Burberry CEO, Ricardo Tisci, Gigi Hadid, Jerry Seinfield and music honoree, Tyler the Creator.

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Wall Street Journal honored visionaries in arts, culture and social justice. The list of honorees included Tyler The Creator, Eddie Murphy, Ricardo Tisci and more. The 9th annual event was held at the new Museum of Modern Art in New York. Kanye and Kim presented Ricardo Tisci with his award, while A$AP Rocky did the honors of presenting Tyler The Creator with his prestigious award.

“It’s an honor to present this award to my best friend today, but little do y’all know that I hate that motherf***er, that’s the truth,” joked Rocky.


The “Goldie” rapper then stated his admiration for his friend.

“He’s one of my inspirations … [and] people don’t know this, but when we first came into the rap game, we didn’t even like each other. Our crews didn’t like each other.”

Rocky’s A$AP crew and Tyler’s Odd Future crew beefed back in 2011 when Tyler expressed how he felt about a video Rocky directed. The beef was squashed four years later after making music and touring together.

Tyler The Creator gave one of the most touching speeches of the night.

“My whole life I felt like a stepchild,” said the IGOR rapper. WSJ finally made it feel like that family was celebrating my birthday, so thank you.”