The internet is in uproar about a viral video of a man who say he’s been married over 18 years and his wife has never had to pay a bill.

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Professing his feelings about relationships, @lovelyscorpio_pink posted a video of her dad expressing his thoughts about real men.

“My wife has never paid a mortgage payment, she’s never paid a gas, bill, an electrical bill, a cable bill, insurance for her car, I pay for all that…and that’s what a man does for his family. I’m not on a pedestal behind it. My wife shouldn’t have to worry about the gas being on the lights being on or food in the fridge. She don’t pay for food or none of that that’s my job.” He continues that a man shouldn’t have to be told to take care of his children and responsibilities.


Of course many shunned the man’s old school ways stating that rent is high and men women want equality so they should pay too.  Others congratulated the man and stated that young men should pay attention to the O.G.

What do you think, should a man be required to pay for everything?.