If you follow Joe Budden’s rap career you know that beef was around every corner and he would keep it pushing forward. That’s also true of his media career. In a recent discussion with Tory Lanez for his Pull Up series, the host of the JBP revealed how he really felt about being dissed by Migos in “Ice Tray” after the Everyday Struggle moment meme’d around the world.

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“I was grateful to those Migos guys if you want me to be honest,” Joe told Tory. “Yo, Joe Budden, when you get away from my rap and hip hop persona, ’cause n*ggas have watched me make all my mistakes publicly, I’m really a humble and grateful guy. The fact that they put, n*ggas have dissed me for 20 years. Who cares? I’ve never been dissed in a smash! In a hit! Now, this is a hit.”

Joe is for sure right because at its release “Ice Tray” was everywhere, meaning his name was ringing off and how did Joe take it? Popularity rose. Peep the conversation below.