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By: Dylan Kemp

This past week in Miami, Brother Nature was recorded being viciously attacked at a sandwich shop. The social media sensation, whose real name is Kelvin Peña, confirmed that it was indeed him that was being beaten in the video recordings.

The incident occurred at La Sandwicherie. The video shows a man seriously beating Peña, kicking him multiple times in the head and pouring some type of drink on him.

Brother Nature responded after the fight on twitter “I know there’s a video out of me getting jumped,” Peña tweeted hours later. “Everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing. Oh well.”

According to TMZ, multiple eyewitnesses say that Brother Nature was inside the restaurant and demanding to be served by a waiter even though the staff had stopped serving food. Everybody who wanted food had to go to the counter.

Brother Nature didn’t like that so he confronted the staff and told them about his celebrity status.

Eventually, Brother Nature was asked to leave by the manager, that’s when he challenged the manager to a fight. That’s when another man stepped in and beat him up in the parking lot.


Brother nature then came back inside where he continued to get stomped out.

Later that day, Brother Nature posted this video of himself, seemingly unscarred from the incident.

Twitter definitely had a lot to say about the incident.