By: Dylan Kemp

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Yeah, iight

Come 2020, social media star, Shiggy, wants to try his hand in the rap game. However, Blueface doesn’t think that’s the right move.


Blueface ran into Shiggy at Rolling Loud L.A. on Saturday, Dec. 14. In the clip, Blueface advises Shiggy not to start rapping, citing that his fans won’t take him seriously because they already see him as a comedian.

“Listen, if you a comedian, and you try to jump in the rap lane, it’s not gonna work out the way you think it’s gonna work out,” Blueface tells his followers and Shiggy who is standing nearby. “Just cause you got 4 million followers, 5 million followers, them people follow you ’cause you a comedian. So, once you try to rap they are not going to take you serious.”

Blueface’s statements received mixed reactions on social media. Lil Duval reacted by posting the numbers to his song “Smile (Livin’ My Best Life).

“#jokesonyoublu #nowcityboywitit,” Duval captioned the post.

Blueface came back at Duval in the comments. “Duval that song you made was a comedic song everybody got a kick out of it an that’s y it went viral you did it the way I was tryna tell shiggy you ain’t make no hardcore gangster song or no trap song,” he posted.

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Swipe left 😎 #jokesonyoublu #nowcityboywitit

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Shiggy helped popularize the Drake song “In My Feelings” back in 2018 with the “In My Feelings” Challenge. It was reported that Drake even paid Shiggy 500k after the dance went viral and the song topped the Billboard charts.