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A security guard from Oakland Park, Florida was arrested and charged after threatening to kill Donald Trump and bomb an entire Florida county after hearing news that Maj. Gen. Quassem Soleimani had been killed in an airstrike ordered by the president.

In the nearly seven-minute-long video, Chauncey Lump, 26, had taken to Facebook Live to send a message to Trump.

“He killed my leader, please tell me where is Donald Trump?… I need to find the Donald because if I don’t find him, I am going to have to blow up Broward County… He killed my leader, and I have to kill him. I am ready for Donald. I am ready.”



A Facebook employee had seen Lump’s live stream entitled “BlackMan vs. America” and quickly notified the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Lump was then arrested the next day by law enforcement officials.

Since then, Lump has been charged with a federal count of “knowingly and willfully making threats to kill and inflict bodily harm upon the president of the United States” as well as making a bomb threat.

According to Special Agent Lucas White, Lump appeared to be holding a loaded AK-47 while also donning a towel wrapped around his head like a turban, a shower curtain over his body and white cream on his face. In the background, he was supposedly playing music “that appears to [have] originate[d] in the Middle East.”

Chauncey, who is a licensed security guard by Sunstates Security, had admitted to producing the video and expressed regret for producing it, stating that it was all a joke.

His bail is set at $100,000