As a Love and Hip Hop OG, K. Michelle says that she will not be joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop Miami.

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The singer recently had a going away party to celebrate her move to the Miami and Atlanta Black Star asked the singer if she would be planning on joining the cast of Miami edition of the show.

She responded, “Absolutely not. I don’t do crackheads.” The statement was referring to her former friend Joseline Hernandez. “I don’t do well with drug addicts. I can’t … they don’t take no responsibility. I’m in a new place in life. … If I know you on some stuff, then I’m just gone leave you there with the stuff,” she continued.


This wouldn’t be the first time K Michelle has accused the Puerto Rican Princess of drug use, although this is the first time the singer didn’t name drop, fans were able to put two and two together, following that Joseline has made her return to the Love and Hip Hop franchise, and is also apart of the Miami cast.

The beef between the two began when Joseline caught K. Michelle hanging out with Mona Scott Young, who was an enemy to the Puerto Rican Princess at the time.

“When y’all have to clique up. Lol y’all knows what’s good. Check yourself before you break yourself. I’m in your hood,” Joseline wrote on Instagram. Soon after, the heat between the two would rise as Joseline began to call K. Michelle a rat once she spoke highly of the Love and Hip Hop producer.

“You find time to come for me but u can’t comb that pretty little baby hair, what a disgrace #freebonnie,” The Memphis singer clapped back.

With Joseline rekindling her relationship with Mona Scott Young, we hope to see the Memphis firecracker and Puerto Rican Princess, do the same.