Few people can talk authentic Hip-Hop like Talib Kweli. But for those that know, John Forté can and does on the most recent episode of People’s Party with Talib Kweli.

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On the show, Forté takes a stroll down memory lane with Kwa. Noting that he was one of the first to really travel the world to see the luxury that so many talk about now, and that his humble beginning in Brownsville was a suitable launching pad for the young and GIFTED emcee. He reminisced about being “fast-friends” with Lauryn Hill and what it was like to produce on the Fugees hit record, The Score.

Candidly, he speaks about being brilliant but poor and how that helped him create community and a fly style. Congenial and talented, enough to walk in almost any room and captivate it. Moreover, he speaks about maintaining dignity and honor in prison, something that lesser men have struggled to envelop during incarceration.


Some of the most interesting commentary comes from when he talks about being incarcerated and the seemingly unlikely places from which support seem to come. From Carly Simon to George Bush, check out how Talib Kweli, Jasmine, and John Forté unpack a life that seems almost too good to be true.