St. Louis rapper, actor and comedian, Gerald Fulton, Jr. p.k.a. Hitman Holla was pulled over a minor driving violation in Atlanta, Thurs. March 19. However, things were swiftly elevated as he was pulled out of his car for having an outstanding warrant and then later arrested for having a vehicle that was possibly stolen.

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His manager said that that is not true.

Many believe this is a case of racial profiling. What do you think?


The artist was hanging out with his friend John John da Don and his manager, PB when he reportedly observed that the police were following him for no reason. The police were believed to have been following the two influencers for a while before stopping them. It is reported from the video, that the car’s VIN’s number was looked up, and the officers were trying to see if they matched the license on the car.

In an Instalive, John John da Don reports:

“They asked Hitman to get out the car… they are asking this man how much he paid for the car… what that got to do with anything.”

“The n*gga was following us for like four exits. Then pulled us over for something we just did (crossing lanes).”

John John reveals that the cops did ask for the usual license and registration, but was thrown off when they asked the Wild ‘N Out star how much he paid for the car. That was when he decided to go live on Instagram.

“That’s crazy. We don’t know what this n*gga got going on. They done asked Hitman to step out of the car. For what? They asked him how much he paid for the car and told him to step out. Told him that they pulled him over because of a lane change.”

JJDD tells the fans that the police called for back up and requested to see that VIN number. It was then that they put cuffs on the MTV star, and his two friends were in disbelief.

When the police officers came back to the car, it is uncovered that Hitman supposedly has a warrant out for his arrest.

His manager tells him that can’t be true. While it is unclear what exactly happened, the video shows JJDD being asked to step out of the car that the three of them were driving in.

The police then say that the car is bad and that no one can drive it. The officer shares that the VIN numbers have been tampered with and so the police took it to have it verified.

The last statement you hear is the police asking the manager and JJDD to call an Uber to get them back to their destination. He was arrested “possession of a vehicle with an altered VIN number and also the license plate is not legitimate.”

Hopefully, everything is straightened out. The manager reiterates that Hitman is innocent.