Troll love is popping out of control.

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While so many people are keeping their distance from rapper Tekashi 69, there are some have no problem giving compliments. One of the 2M viewers to catch him on his Live was superstar Lil Nas X, digitally batting them eyes at him on The Gram.

Folk joined for various reasons: some because they just wanted to see and others because they are actually his fans (fans that been waiting to hear from their guy).


Don’t know why Lil Nas X was there.

He didn’t just jump in to view the rainbow pony show. He slid into the comments and said in reaction to the fresh face 24-year-old popping up, “No homo he looking kinda cute.”

What else was he supposed to say? He is a young gay man who is known for trolling.

Tekashi has been on home confinement for about 1 month. Since he has been making the most about his legal situation, street relevance and music career. At some point all of them are coinciding and what are people seeing? The Brooklynite is still winning.

No words on if Tekashi responded to the flirt, but let’s just not hold our breath.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

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