The body cam’s transcript reveals that George Floyd was experiencing PTSD during his interaction with the killer cops.

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One of the former officers being charged in Floyd’s death, Thomas Lane, used the transcript in his argument to get his charges dismissed.

The transcripts come from Lane’s and his co-defendant, Alexander Kueng’s, body cams and proves that Lane briefly drew his weapon while instructing Floyd to show his hands. Floyd frantically responded, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. God dang man. Man, I got shot. I got shot the same way, Mr. Officer, before.”


That’s when Lane turned to the woman in Floyd’s car and foolishly asked why’s he “being all weird like that?” after he was just told why. “Because he’s been shot before,” the woman quipped.

The transcript from Keung’s body cam shows that he escorted Floyd who thanked him and showed him ID. “I got shot last time, same thing, man.”

It’s hard to tell if George Floyd is suggesting that he survived a police shooting, but it makes his tragic death even sadder.

Lane asked “Should we get his legs up?” before getting shut down by both Kueng and Derek Chauvin. The officers were debating if Floyd was high on something as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. “I can’t breathe. Please, your knee on my neck. I can’t breathe, sh*t.”

According to Keung’s body cam transcript, George’s final words were “Please sir, please” and a final “Please.” He was presumed. dead at this point and Lane asked if the victim should be moved to his side. Chauvin responded, “That’s why we got the ambulance coming.” Lane responded, “Okay, I suppose,” but later expressed concern about Floyd passing out.

Lane is arguing that he “did not intentionally aid, advise, hire, counsel, or conspire with [Derek] Chauvin or otherwise procure Chauvin to commit second-degree murder.”