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50 Cent is back at it again with his comments surrounding the controversy on Kanye West. Over the past few days, fans have been calling West’s recent actions a breakdown and starting the Twitter hashtag, “PrayforYe” after the rapper made controversial statements during a presidential rally in South Carolina where he began to cry. The Chicago rapper broke into tears after declaring that he “nearly killed his daughter” in an anti-abortion rant. West also mentioned that his mother saved his life because his dad wanted to abort him.

Following the campaign rally in South Carolina, West went on a Twitter rant and put out some business that others may deem as private. So much so, that celebrities and fans began to publicly speak on West’s actions suggesting that the rapper may need help.

“Genuinly praying for Kanye West, I understand the instability of the mind while having Jesus. That brother been through so much instead of bashing him, Ill use my platform yo ask everybody to Pray for Ye. He needs it as we ALL do,” @RockstarJT states.


“Oh shit, fool you said you almost killed your daughter,” Fifty wrote on the gram. “Your wife knows best sit your ass down. Happy wife happy life.”

Fans suspect that this could be another publicity ploy for West’s upcoming album titled, Donda, named after his late mother who passed in 2007.

Either way, prayers up for Kanye West. Would you tune into a podcast ran by 50 Cent?