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California voters now have the option to help decide whether to bring back affirmative policies in hiring and university admissions. This could take place through a proposition that would repeal the state’s ban on race and gender preferences.

Proposition 16 was placed on the ballot by the Legislature after a wave of protests against police brutality this past summer. The proposition seeks to provide opportunities for minorities and women.

It would repeal the ridiculous 1996 ballot initiative that bars the state from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to any person or group based on race, sex, ethnicity or nationality. A process that has clearly divided minorities in California. 


“Politicians want to strip our Constitution of its prohibition on discrimination and preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. They want to play favorites,” the California Voter Information Guide outlining the argument against Prop 16 states. Adding,  “If there’s anything that should be fundamental in our society it’s that the state should treat all Californians equally.”

California voters have been braving long lines that start very early in the morning to cast their ballots. 2.2 early ballots have been cast across the state, and that number is rising. Numbers that Trump calls unfair due to voter fraud. 

This is just one of a number of important issues voters are tuned into. The only way to see real change is to get out and vote. We will stay on top of this and more as Election Day draws closer.