Brooklyn rapper SAINt JHN recently released his third studio album, While the World Was Burning. Which is his most sonically complete project to date. 

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SAINt JHN gives fans a number of A-list guests, including Kanye West, Kehlani, DaBaby, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and others. The star also gives fans a new single and visual for the emotionally charged “Sucks To Be You.” 

The Brooklyn rapper spoke on the project saying, “The album came together on its own, and I was just appreciative I did it. I took it as an opportunity to put it out. I took it as a reminder of the momentum that I built over the course of the last couple of years when people weren’t paying attention.”


2020 has been an amazing year for SAINt JHN. He performed at the Billboard Music Awards as this year’s Breakout Artist, and the fan-favorite “Roses” has become the longest-running song of 2020 on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist.

“While The World Was Burning” is an interesting dichotomy of both emotion and self-confidence. Throughout many of the songs, JHN shows vulnerability with an air of “not caring”. Almost as if the trauma suffered was just a stepping stone to where he’s ultimately headed. 

SAINt JHN combines melodic notes with solid bars on “Ransom,” featuring Kehlani and 6Lack. Diving into his sense of arrogance, stating “I’m too handsome.” 

On the other hand, you have a record like  “Time for Demons” which is a bit more of a trap vibe. He goes off with the lyrics “I’m savage mode, I’m not average, I’m on demon time, just in my cabbage.“ 

On the Kanye West featured “Pray For Me” he gives fans old Kanye vibes with more self-assured lyrics. Stating, “Cut from a different cloth, from a different upholstery.” Almost egging West to go in the same direction. However, Kanye goes into a double entendre flow, combining personal feelings with the pressures of what fans and consumers think. 

On Monica Lewinsky, Election Year featuring the ever-ready Da Baby and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, which video dropped early Monday, SAINt JHN dives deep into his personal feelings of a past relationship. Uttering, “She’s my Monica Lewinsky. She gon’ bust it right here, ‘cause it’s risky. She got a code like DaVinci. Only gotta text one time, adding, “Did you miss me?” She gon’ want to resent me, ‘cause me and her best friend got history. She got the walk of the century. Girl, you really got some kind of intrigue. I don’t want no smoke. I don’t wanna learn how to drive in the Rari.” 

3 of the songs are a tad bit older, including the social media favorite, “Roses.” SAINt JHN gives fans 2 versions. One featuring Future and the other labeled the “Imanbek Remix”. This definitely adds confusion to the cohesiveness of the entire project. It seems to go in various directions, with no real sense of organization. 

Ultimately, this project will give fans vibes to turn up to and will keep any mood light where the album is played. Definitely looking forward to more as he continues to find his own voice in the ever-changing landscape of hip hop.