Lil Pump is still keeping up with his MAGA persona. He was banned from JetBlue airlines for refusing to wear a mask during his flight then making a scene.

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TMZ reports that the “Gucci Gang” artist was verbally abusive with the staff, took off his mask during the heated exchange, and refused to put it back on when he was asked to do so.

Things got so heated that the cops were waiting for Pump at Los Angeles LAX airport, but it didn’t escalate to the point where he was arrested.


The tabloid got the report from a JetBlue representative and said the following of the recording artist’s alleged behavior, according to the captain.

At first, he says Pump was simply noncompliant with their mask policy, but later said he was sneezing and coughing into a blanket sans mask (perhaps on purpose) … and that more than just a supervisor needed to meet them, as Pump had to be dealt with “firmly.”

At some point afterward, Lil Pump took to social media to curse the airline out. But he eventually stopped his whining and put back on his mask.