A fan recently noticed that Joe Budden was no longer verified on the social media platform, Twitter. In the height of the digital age, the blue check verification is a badge of status. If you have the blue check, it supposedly separates you from the rest of the pack. Those who had notoriety prior to the dominance of social media put very little emphasis on the blue check. One of those people happens to be the former rapper and now famed podcaster, Joe Budden.

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After losing his blue check, the JBP Network founder could care less about digital verification. He responded to a fan on Twitter, who was curious about it.

“What happened to your blue check,” they asked. “Doesn’t matter lol…. i was verified long before Twitter,” said Budden.


Prior to Twitter, Joe Budden was a rapper and respected lyricist. Known for his Grammy-Nominated hit, “Pump It Up” he later became a member of Shady Record’s group, Slaughterhouse. While it is peculiar as to why the blue check was taken away, Joe Budden is unbothered by the move. Therefore, his supporters should be as well.

He recently scored a deal with Patreon as the new Head of Equity, where JBP followers can consume exclusive content in addition to the podcast.