It may be a good thing for Kanye West and the DONDA album that there wasn’t a formal streaming battle with Drake‘s Certified Lover Boy. The latest album from The Boy has surpassed Yeezy’s latest offering in streams in just three days.

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Rolling Stone notes the numbers that DONDA put up in a full week in America were lapped by CLB in just three days, according to Alpha Data. At that moment, CLB was sitting at 430 million streams, while DONDA was approaching 423 million.

Kanye West’s DONDA album missed two days of streaming activity for his first-week total but that didn’t stop him from running up massive numbers.


The official numbers for Kanye’s latest album are now in and his first-week sales come in at 327,270 album-equivalent units. Chart Data notes just over 44,000 of those units came by way of traditional sales. Those numbers will assist in a number one debut for Kanye’s DONDA album. The album would be his best performing release since Yeezus in 2013.

Following the release of the album, Kanye dropped the video for “Come to Life.” The new visuals capture moments from the DONDA experience at Soldier Field last week. Included in the video, is the moment Kanye West set himself on fire and the surprise appearance from Kim Kardashian at the end of the event.

With the long-awaited release of Certified Lover Boy, Drake broke Apple Music and Spotify’s one day streaming record in less than 12 hours. He is currently on pace for an opening week of 625,000 units.

While fan bases will war over numbers and the artists themselves will continue with their petty games, Diddy is holding true to his new name “Love.” Diddy tapped in with his followers to let them know that Drake and Kanye West both outdid themselves with their efforts.

“I listened to both these albums and first of all, I just wanna say that you guys are true kings of creativity,” said Diddy. “Both of you guys are so special and necessary. Thank y’all for the inspiration. I wanna make sure that what hip-hop knows is the reach and the power that we have. I really wanna take my hat off to both of these brothers for sharing their truth.”

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