Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker, aka MGK) joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to share some of his upcoming projects- all while wearing a shirt with girlfriend Megan Fox’s picture on it.

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The rapper-turned-punk artist joined the late night host to talk about his upcoming album, ‘Born with Horns,’ which he has been teasing for several months, as well as his new movie, ‘The Last Son,’ a western that also stars other big names such as Sam Worthington and Heather Graham.

He also talked about falling off stage with Pete Davidson at the end of SNL where he was a guest musical performer earlier this year, noting that the fall resulted in a bruised coccyx. He said the injury was originally from a fall sustained during a beer pong match with Post Malone. However, his injury didn’t stop him from trying to impress future girlfriend Megan Fox- a feat that resulted in another injury when he tried to toss up a knife given to him by Travis Barker.


‘The Last Son’ will be available in select theaters on December 10 and also available on-demand through Redbox Entertainment’s streaming service.